Programs and itineraries – How to book – Our special offers

Programs and itineraries – How to book – Our special offers

In this page it is possible read the routes,  the weekly program with The days provided for, the routes are carried out every day.

If, after reading the program, you are thinking of booking more than a service, you can find interesting our offers in the SPECIAL PACKAGES page.

Some items show a price and/or program difference according to high or low season. Moreover, during low season,  days in which excursions usually took place are updated every week while, for the most part of high season, program will be pretty the same. For “high season “ we mean the period from 16th June  to 31st August.

For information and/or booking:

Please consult the CONTACTS page in our website. Send us an e-mail, call us or just fill in the form you can find in the same page (we remind you that starred items are obligatory).

Shortly, you will receive a confirmation e-mail summarizing all services you have requested, the related amount and all data you need to make the payment. We kindly ask you to pay 40% of the total amount in advance.

After checking everything is correct, you can make the bank transfer. As the bank transfer will be credited, last confirmation e-mail will include attached a booking voucher. At your arrival in Lipari, you are asked to come to Popolo Giallo office with the booking voucher in order to pay the balance (our agencies accept credit card). Agency staff will consign you tickets and the related  receipt or invoice, they will give you all details concerning embark and will be on your complete disposal for all kind of information.

We remind that the Company reserves to make every kind of change to the fixed program in case of bad sea conditions, due to force majeure or in case of our technical/operative needs. In these cases you can choose to change excursion, do it in another day or as well ask for a refund for the cancelled excursion.

Panarea and Stromboli

Departure h. 12:00  Return h. 20:30 Saturday 17\10

Sailing along Monte Rosa and Cave di Pomice (pumice stone mines) in Lipari (we will head towards Panarea island.

40 minutes later, you will reach the amazing Calajunco bay, Aeolian Islands’ flagship, arrived at the port You will have about one hour free to walk around the village refined lanes.

Again on board, going on to Basiluzzo, the largest Panarea’ small islands,) we will sailing towards IDDU (nickname used from Stromboli people when they address to their lovely Volcano). In Forty minutes, after sailing along Ginostra village, we will arrive to the little port of Stromboli. The first impression is overwhelming. In front of you, overhead, you can see on one side the Mediterranean scrub which roots luxuriant in the most complicated and inhospitable place of the archipelago and, on the other side, the blinding contrast of the traditional Stromboli’s architecture, all over quicklime white painted, and the typical black lava, everything framed from a wonderful blue sea.

You will have free time to walk around the village, visit the craft shops, swim and dine.

At sunset we will turn around Strombolicchio little island to reach, by the time in the darkness, the Sciara del Fuoco. It is the last stop and, for many of you, the most expected moment of the whole day. Diming the lights in the hall, asking you to wear a sweater to protect yourself from the gentle breeze, everybody outside in reverent silence, we will assist to the amazing explosions show.

An exciting day is coming to the end. Saying hello to IDDU, we come back to Lipari. At the same time as you are coming back to your hotel, our crew is cleaning the boat from top to bottom to be ready tomorrow.

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Stromboli with Climb to the crater

Not available at the moment

After 40 minutes, leaving behind Monte Rosa and the pumice mines in Lipari, we will arrive in Panarea. You will have one hour free to walk around the village of the most fashionable island of the Aeolian archipelago.

We will go for a cruise around the Panarea’s small islands and 30 minutes later we will arrive in Scari, the small port of Stromboli.

An authorized guide waits for you in Stromboli to lead the group on the top of the most active volcano in Europe.

The excursion needs a climbing equipment: mountain boots, wind jacket, torch with well charged batteries, an extra tee-shirt, at least one liter of water each one and a packed dinner (we suggest to bring with you some energy-giving food as chocolate or energy drink enriched by mineral salts).

Just close to the meeting point with the guide, you can find a small, but well-furnished, shop which hires torches, mountain boots, trekking poles and everything you need at reasonable prices. If you have forgotten something about necessary equipment above, there is no problem, you can ask the guide to show you where to hire them.

Safety is our priority, so each guide leads a group of maximum 20 people, over this number there will be an extra guide. About every half-hour you will stop to give the opportunity to those who are tired to take a rest and to catch their breath and to the others to take some pictures of the breath-taking panoramas you will meet during the climbing.

It takes 3 hours by foot to reach the summit. You will be at a height of 3.012 feet. On the top you will be surrounded by the majestic beauty of the entire Aeolian archipelago.

You will stop on the craters for one hour to enjoy the spectacular sight of the Stromboli ash explosions.

It takes two hours to come back down, then you will reach the port where crew is waiting for you to come back in Lipari.

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Vulcano, Panarea and Stromboli

Departure ore 10:00 - Return ore 21:00 

A whole day at the sign of the sea. We planned this route some years ago. It  was born as a good solution for those who, unfortunately, have got short holidays on disposal. Nowadays, it is one of the most requested itinerary, that is why we inserted it in our ordinary program.

*The morning starts along the East coast of Lipari, visiting the cave Grotta degli Angeli, the famous Faraglioni (big volcanic rocks in Lipari) and the wonderful Vinci Beach then we will go to the port.

*From 15/06 to 15/09 the morning starts along the West coast of Vulcano, where you can admire the cave Grotta del Cavallo and all beauties around it to  Venus Pool then we will go to the port.

In Vulcano village, within few meters, you can find the thermal mud pool, the sulfurous water beach, Sabbie Nere (black beach) and several bars where you can have lunch. You will be free until 1:45 p.m.

Go on to Panarea and stop in the beautiful Calajunco in wonderful waters. Then go for a cruise of the small islands of Dattilo and Lisca Bianca.

 In Panarea you will be free to visit the enchanting village.

Going on towards Basiluzzo, the largest Panarea’s small islands, we will reach Stromboli. Sailing along the small village of Ginostra, reachable just by sea, we will lead you to Scari, the port of Stromboli. Few steps on your right there is the black sand beach of San Vincenzo which go on to surround almost the whole island. You have free time to swim again, walk around the enchanting village, visit the craft shops and eat: the island offers everything. 

At sunset, turning around the small island of Strombolicchio, our crew will offer you a good glass of local Malvasia wine.

Heading towards Sciara del Fuoco, after dropping anchor, you will enjoy the spectacular Stromboli explosions sight.

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Lipari and Salina

Departure h. 10:00 Return h. 17:00  Sunday 18\10

These islands are the largest of the Aeolian archipelago and, thanks to their proximity, the itinerary gives more opportunities to swim and to visit places rather than sailing.

Along the East coast of Lipari, we will head for Monte Rosa mountain, Canneto village and Spiagge bianche (white beaches). Our first stop will be in the Pumice stone beach its amazing waters, so turquoise, which have nothing to envy to the best Caribbean beaches. 

Going on to Acquacalda village, you will admire from the sea, the black flow of obsidian stone cutting the white and majestic mountain which, some time ago, housed the old pumice mine.

We leave for a moment Lipari to head for Salina where you will visit Santa Marina, the largest suburb of the island.

Admiring the wonderful coasts you will be amazed to see the boat getting inside a beautiful bay with a small island in the middle. The abrupt change of depth, the half-circle shape and the stratified rocks suggest you that you are now inside an old crater partly under water. Ladies and gentlemen, you arrived in Pollara Bay (Our lovely film maker Massimo Troisi chose this place to set his last and unforgettable masterpiece: "Il Postino".

Our last stop in Salina will be at Lingua, a small suburb, where you can visit the natural salt lake, in the past used for the extraction salt (it gives the name to the island). The suburb is full of traditional restaurants and bars on the seaside. Our crew will be glad to recommend you the best places to have lunch.

In the afternoon we will come back in Lipari to end the path. West coast is full of strange shaped rocks and beautiful caves at Valle Muria creek It will be the cherry on the top of a wonderful day at sea.

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Filicudi and Alicudi

Departure ore 09:30 Return ore 18:00  Thursday 22\10

Few minutes after the departure you will admire “Pietra Lunga” and “Pietra Menalda”, two big volcanic rocks in Lipari.

One hour later (if we are lucky we can meet dolphins during the sailing) we will arrive to Capo Graziano, in Filicudi island, our first opportunity to swim. Waters around Filicudi and Alicudi are the most uncontaminated of the whole archipelago.

Along the West coast we will reach the Bue Marino grotto, the largest of the entire archipelago, where we will stop for swim.

For the moment, we say hello to Filicudi and head for the small port of Alicudi. There, you  will have free time to visit the village.

Alicudi will appear as a huge cone full of typical little houses hanged on the side of the mountain. The main patch is a mule track of stones which climbs up to the top of the island and the only mean of transport is the donkey. Coming up the mule track, you can admire a breath-taking panorama feeling the sensation to be alone in an enchanting place lost in space and time, surrounded by the purest mediterranean nature.

All around the island is surrounded by the seafront where you can swim again or search for a bar to have lunch.

We will go on with our cruise heading for the North-West coast of Filicudi,. You will admire the volcanic rocks of Montenassari, Giafante and, overall, Canna (a singular volcanic neck, about 233 feet high). Here, the amazing blue sea invites us to stop again for a swim.

Next stop will be Filicudi port. Free time to visit the village and swim. Coming up the village, it is possible to visit the prehistoric village of Capo Graziano and the old millstones (they are not far but, if you do not want to go by foot, just in the port you can find taxis, please ask how much is a tour). 

We will enjoy the sunset at the big rocks “Faraglioni", then come back in Lipari.

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Departure ore 10:00 - Return ore 17:00 Everyday

The day begins with a trip along the west coast of Lipari,
with a visit to the Grotta degli Angeli (the angel's cave), the Faraglioni (volcanic rock cliffs) and the beautiful beach of Vinci.


*From 15/06 to 15/09 Our tour starts along the east coast from Lipari to the Vulcanello peninsula

and continues towards the cave of the seahorses, Grotta del Cavallo, and the bath of Venus, Pool of Venus,

a natural swimming pool in the middle of the sea, followed by a bath break.


Next stop is in the port of Vulcano. The island is very large and it has got many things to see. All places to visit are easily reachable by foot, so everybody can visit the village and have free time to do everything. We will stop in Vulcano for a long time, more than other islands. So, do not forget your sacks on board and everything you need to stay in Vulcano all the day. Crew says you hello and waits for your return in the afternoon.

Not far from the port you will find Sabbie Nere (black beach), the thermal mud pool and the sulfurous waters beach. Village offers a wide choice of traditional restaurants and all kind of shops.

Moreover, you can make the ascent to the big crater of Vulcano.  We suggest to wear comfortable, closed shoes. The route is indicated from some signals, time for climbing is about 50 minutes and a little less to come down. You do not need any guide and the panorama on the top is amazing.

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